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What We Offer


We are pleased to offer discounts to seniors, single-parent families, and non­-profit organizations.

Residential Moves

At Big Family Movers we show up on time, motivated and equipped to handle all of your household moving needs.

Small Business Moves

Call us at (510) 839-5239 for commercial moving advice and relocation assistance.

Professional Packing

Download our free Packing Guide or have us do the packing for you.

Day Of The Move


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1. Arrival & Parking The Truck

Typically, we arrive between 8:30 and 9am unless other arrangements have been made. should this say something about trying to have a parking spot available for the truck?

2. Walk-Through

The entire crew will take a tour with you through every room to see all the items to be moved. Usually there are questions and instructions on both sides during this tour. This is where we come to an understanding of exactly what the move will entail.

3. Contract

After the tour, movers get started on loading the truck while the driver goes over a contract detailing charges and including insurance options. This is signed and you get a copy. You will also receive an information booklet, as required by the California Public Utilities Commission, explaining your rights as a moving customer (or “shipper”) in California. You can also download this booklet here.

4. Load

We load the truck by shape not by room. If there are multiple destinations, we will load it accordingly. We bring tools and are happy to disassemble furniture that needs it. We will reassemble anything that we take apart at the origin point, at the destination. If you want to disassemble furniture, it will certainly save you time and money.

During the load, customers are welcome to use our wardrobe boxes (we carry approximately four) for their hanging clothes. You can then unload them at the destination. Finally, customers carrying boxes and other single-person items to the end of (but not onto) the truck is fine and will save time too.

Before we leave for the destination, one of us will do a final walk-through to make sure everything you want to be taken is loaded into the truck.

5. Drive

Time spent driving between your load and the unload is doubled on the bill. This is t partially reimburse us for the time we spend driving to and from your job.

6. Lunch Break

Often between the load and unload our crew will take a lunch break. If this is the case during your move, you will be informed and will not be charged for our break time.

7. Unload

The unload usually goes faster than the load. When we arrive at your new home, we will all do another tour to determine where each piece of furniture belongs. Clarity is key. This tour should help us unload efficiently, with as little double-carrying as possible. When the truck is unloaded and before we present the final bill, another walk-through will ensure that everything is where it should be.

8. Payment

We accept cash, checks and, with prior arrangement, credit cards.

Why Choose Us


25 years of Experience

Committed to excellence with over 100 happy clients on Yelp and Google

Equipped for the Job

We can do professional packing, moving, assembly, unloading, disposal, and more


We work to make our company, Oakland, and the Bay Area stronger.

Noah and company have moved me FOUR TIMES, the last time in 2011. Since then, I have recommended them to everyone: friends, clients, and yes, even random people that happen to mention they are moving. Yes, I shamelessly promote them—I just believe that a good business deserves to be shared with others. They have been real, honest, and absolutely invaluable through every move, and I’ve heard the same from everyone I’ve referred them to.
Mel H.
Mel H.
The crew were friendly and knowledgeable, thorough and careful… They went out of their way to help me with unforeseen problems. We had a very big move with lots of fragile items, and a very long day, but everyone remained good-natured. I also really enjoyed spending time with them.
Tricia M.
Tricia M.
This is the first time I’ve ever used a moving company and these folks made it painless. They came in under the estimate and the movers were super friendly and really hard working.
Sanjay G.
Sanjay G.
The team wore masks at all times, and we felt very safe around them. Highly recommended!
Michael W.
Michael W.

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