Preparing For Your Move

Basic Steps To Remember


Moving is often a stressful process. Part of our job is to remain calm and help you relax as well so that the move can go as smoothly as possible. So we do our best to prepare ourselves and you for moving day. If you have questions after reading this, feel free to call us for more specific advice. Or, with proper notice and for an additional fee, we are happy to do the packing and prep for you.

Here are some basic steps to remember when preparing for moving day:

Give yourself at least a few weeks if possible to pack and prepare.

Furniture that is to be moved should be cleared off.

Drawers (but not shelves) can be left full unless the contents are likely to spill or break when the furniture is turned on end.

Please disassemble hard-to-breakdown items like baby cribs or sectional desks before we arrive to help save time.

Boxes should have lids, be packed full and taped shut. We prefer (but don’t require) standard sized moving boxes.

Labels should be on both the tops and sides of all boxes and indicate which room they should be placed in at your new home.

Labels should be on both the tops and sides of all boxes and indicate which room they should be placed in at your new home.

Boxes should be marked Fragile when appropriate.

Larger boxes (over 2 cubic feet) should not be packed with heavy items such as books, records or rocks.

Lampshades and pictures are very fragile and should be safely packed in boxes.

Plants should not be watered before the move, or they will spill inside the truck.

Barbeques should be cleaned out and propane tanks disconnected. We cannot legally carry the tanks in our truck.

We love kids and pets, but for their sake and ours they should be otherwise occupied during your move.

At your new home, someone should be there who knows roughly where each piece of furniture should be placed.

All tips are appreciated! Gratuities are not mandatory but they are customary.

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