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Local Movers in Elmira

Elmira local moving company

We Are Big Family Movers, A Local Moving Company in Elmira with 25 years of experience.

Preparing for a Local Move in Elmira? We strive to do consistently excellent work and help with whatever transitions you are going through. We use respect, determination, good humor and technique to get you to the other side. We can do professional packing, moving, assembly, unloading, disposal, and more. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do work that we are proud of.

What is a Local Move in Elmira?

Typically, a local change means you are touching within a 50 mile radius of your origin. We at enormous family Movers define it more loosely as within the Greater Bay Area. Usually our jobs begin or end in the East Bay. I often describe the outer bounds of our range as Santa Rosa, Stockton and Santa Cruz although we certainly do moves to Sacramento, Fresno, Santa Barbara and beyond at times. For longer Intra-state and Inter-state moves, we recommend using a container delivery service like ABF/U-Pack or PODS and local movers at both origin and destination to load and unload their containers. Why? Please see our “Using local movers for your long distance move” section.

What are the benefits of hiring a local mover in Elmira?

As local, independent, licensed movers, our business depends on our reputation in the community. How did we move you? Were you treated with compassion and respect? Did we move efficiently? We do not benefit from a national advertising campaign or legacy branding. We are not agents of a big corporation. We are not being plugged into a machine that is your move and your move is not being plugged into a machine that is a moving company. Instead, we recognize moving day as an important transition in your life and an opportunity for us to help you with our various moving services. And, yes, it also functions as a way for local movers to earn a living and for you to contribute to our larger community in a real way. Resources are exchanged to mutual benefit. If there is ever a question of damage or cost or you forgot to tip your movers – or anything – we are here in {place}. We are a local company and, with over 20 years in business and over 100 years of combined experience – are not planning to go anywhere. No bureaucracy, no runaround. We are here and we will respond, usually to your benefit. Big Family Movers is proud of our work, proud of our team, and proud of the Bay Area. If you’re local, we want to help you stay. If you’re newly arrived, let us welcome you. If you’re getting out of Dodge, let it be a safe and warm send off. We are Elmira’s mover. Truthfully, we appreciate the opportunity to support you all!

Moving company Elmira

Being a local moving company means we understand the different cities that we do our moving in and how to maneuver in them. We know that Arlington Blvd. connects Berkeley to Kensington to El Cerrito to Richmond and that Spruce and never Marin is the best way to get to Grizzly Peak. From Grizzly Peak we can get to Montclair and Piedmont without going back down the hill. Moving trucks aren’t aloud on 580 between Grand and 106th, but we can go 13 to Seminary and then take streets to get to Keller or Golf Links if you’re moving to Sequoyah Heights. We know the truck routes on Alameda – and that Alameda PD consistently enforce traffic laws. And we know the best burritos in every city from Hayward to Hercules!

Being a local Mover in Elmira also means you’re going to find us recommended on truly organic list serves like Alameda Peeps and Berkeley Parents Network. It means we have ongoing relationships with other high quality local businesses. Realtors and cleaners and contractors and haulers and bankers and many non profits. We are truly connected to Oakland and the greater Bay Area and we’re happily taking care of each other. 

Being a local moving company also means our crew is consistent and cares about each other. Our success is largely about how we relate to ourselves. Big Family Movers is more than an idea. We value each other based on experience with each other. Working long days and weeks and years together will make you strong individually and as a crew. We don’t give up and we are proud of each other for good reason.

You might see us on thyme street or in the grocery store. We love it when we drive into a neighborhood and former customers smile and honk and wave! 

Our Local Moving Services

We are happy to allow a clear quote after a conversation – whether in person or on the phone – to determine your heartwarming needs. Packing services, residential and little commercial moves, job training for our community, clean junk removal, even an oscillate to long make unfriendly movers. We are delighted to have the funds for some of the best movers in the Bay with exceeding 100 years of combined disturbing experience. Our touching team has been together for decades in some cases and the moving process reflects our years of experience. Let us ask the right questions to encourage you think more deeply about your move. We can incite you strategize since the job to make your touching experience as stress-free as possible. We have the technique but a bigger allowance of this affect than you may think is about (metaphorically) holding our customers’ hand through their transition to get peace of mind. Thats what in purpose of fact professional movers can attain and it makes distressing day easier for everyone. We are in the course of the best distressing companies in the Bay Area. Let us help!

A Local Move

How much does a local move cost?

We are trying to be as straightforward in our work and pricing as possible. Our hourly rate depends on the number of movers and trucks we send to do your job. We have a three hour minimum (with some exceptions). Time starts when we arrive at your door and ends when everything is where you want it to be and the bill is paid. Driving time is doubled so that we are paid to get to your job and get home when its all over. If we are traveling more than 40 miles round trip we will likely charge for fuel. The only other charge that can be assessed is if you choose to get extra insurance. We offer special rates to Seniors, single parent families and non profit organizations.

We do not charge for extra for stairs or bulky items or weekends or wardrobe boxes.

How can I find a good local mover Elmira?

The best way to find a local mover is through personal references. You know someone that you trust who has used a mover and been happy with their skills and service. We are always the most honored when a client refers their mom. It says to us that, not only do they trust us with their precious possessions, but with their most precious loved ones. There’s nothing better! 

Barring a personal connection, review sites like Google, yelp and next door have become proxy referral networks. Searching for “local moving companies near me” will get you a long list of moving companies. They may or may not be local movers but you can sift through their customer reviews and get a good idea of the work they do. There is no doubt that some of those reviews are paid for (none of ours) but, taken as a whole, they’re still helpful.

Finally, BNI (Business Networking International) is an excellent source for quality professionals of any kind. BNI requires members to have licenses and show up every week to represent themselves professionally. Businesses refer to each other so that all members are vetted and assessed in the real world. Our chapter – Visions Of Exchange – is based here in Oakland CA since 2009 and reflects our city’s diversity and commitment to community. Big Family Movers has been a proud member since 2015. I’ve found BNI to be extremely helpful when helping clients who are moving out of state to help unload containers that we professionally load for them.  Although I may not know local moving companies in cities a thousand miles away, I can (and you can) check BNI Connect for a mover in the area they are moving to and mention BNI and they are likely to go out of their way to help. For us, it’s all about human connection. We are one big family – we need each other – and its always to our benefit to help. 

Using local movers for your long distance move:

You can save significant money, and also maintain more control over your possessions as they are transported on an interstate move, by contacting a company like ABF/Upack and having Big Family Movers or another local mover load their container/s professionally. In this scenario, you do more leg work but, for most people the benefits far outlay the effort. Here’s what it looks like:

Instead of using an interstate mover to do it all, you hire ABF or PODS to deliver a container to your door, hire us to load it and then hire another local mover at the other end to unload it. You might have a three day window to load the container. Once we load it, your possessions are not touched until they arrive at your new home – and, to my mind, this is the major advantage. Typically with an interstate mover your possessions are loaded into a truck then unloaded into storage to wait for them to collect enough shipments to fill a 53’ container, then reloaded into the 53 footer. Once it arrives in your new state, its unloaded into smaller truck and delivered to your door. In this very common scenario, your stuff is loaded and unloaded six times instead of twice and you don’t know the movers who do the middle parts. Also the full service move costs as much as 50% more money for the convenience . In my opinion, local movers tend to provide better quality service for the reasons stated in “What are the benefits of hiring a local mover? What is a Local Move?”

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