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If we are responsible for damage to your property, we will do our best to make you happy before we leave the job. If we are unable to come to an agreement the day of the move, we will resolve issues through our insurance company. In this case, the settlement will be based on the type of insurance you choose when filling out the Contract / Agreement for Moving Services” the morning of your move (see Day of the Move). This contract and the California PUC information booket explain your rights as a moving customer and will be provided to you before we start work.

Also, as licensed movers we carry liability and workers compensation insurance. This fully protects you from responsibility in the event that we do damage to any residence or ourselves.

Basic Insurance

  • Covers 60 cents per pound. For example, under this coverage, if we were to damage an item of furniture weighing 100 pounds, we would have to pay $60 to the owner.

Actual Value Coverage

$ 176
  • Covers assessed value. Under this coverage, if we were to damage an item of furniture, an assessor would come out and place value on it, taking age and wear into account. We would be responsible to pay this assessed value.

Full Coverage

$ 300
  • Covers full replacement value. Under this coverage, if we were to damage an item of furniture, we would be responsible to pay for a brand new one.

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